What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster should be a professional who is licensed in the state where the loss occurs. He or she represents the "insured" party, the owner of the property that has been damaged. The Public Adjuster's obligation is to his or her client only and the Public Adjuster will prepare all necessary documentation required to file a claim with the appropriate insurance company.

A public adjuster represents you, and not the insurance company. The insurance companies have their own staff adjusters and independent adjusters as well, who are trained and experienced. They are paid by the insurance company, so don't believe that they are neutral. Insured parties, on the other hand, have little, if any, knowledge of policy language, building construction, or the ins and outs of how an insurance claim should be handled. This places you at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to interfacing with the insurance company on an insurance loss.

A public adjusting firm represents the insured and handles all aspects of the claim, from start to finish. This arrangement offers you, the insured.three distinct advantages:

  1. You are being represented by an individual familiar with the claims handling and settlement process.
  2. You are divesting yourself of the claim saving yourself time and expense, as well as the stress of handling an insurance loss on your own.
  3. You are being represented by an experienced adjuster resulting in a larger settlement.

Why do I need a Public Adjuster?

Your obligation under your insurance policy is to present the claim to the insurance company. Either you must do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. If you bought a thoroughbred race horse, entered the Kentucky Derby and then tried to ride the horse yourself, do you think you would win? Probably not! A Public Adjuster should have the experience and knowledge to "win" for you.

Why do I REALLY need a Public Adjuster?

The insurance industry is a dynamic industry; it constantly changes. A variety of factors will influence how a claim will be handled. The insurance company adopts a defensive position. Some factors that influence a claim are the jurisdiction the loss occurs in. Are there adequate consumer protection laws? Is it a large claim or small claim? When does the loss happen? During the busy season or the slow season? Who is the company adjuster? Is it a staff adjuster who usually is far too busy or an independent adjuster who wants to impress the company they are working for? Who supervises the claim, an experienced person or an inexperienced person?

How much does it cost?

All of the above can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of the claim. The Public Adjuster on the other hand will document the claim and should be relentless in the resolution of the claim in your favor as that is what you are paying them to do!

Why should I use Gillette Public Adjusters instead of someone else?

Our whole team is committed to helping you and your family or company get through this trying time with as little stress and as much relief as we can.

Our commitment is to constantly improve our work product to the benefit of our clients in the most professional manner possible. We have a pretty good idea what the insurance company will do before they do it.

Do I have to sign a contract?

The states that we are licensed in require a signed contract. This will authorize us to represent your interests to the insurance company. Companies require a copy of this before they will start the claim process. The states that I am licensed in require this contract to be pre-approved by their insurance department before I can begin to use it.

What does your service cost?

The states that we are licensed in allow a charge of 10% on the settlement value of the claim. However that rate can change due to the size or complexity of the claim. The charge will not exceed 10% and rates will be quoted on inspection.

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